Quantum Electron Correlation & Transport Theory Group

"What's going on?" picture by Charles Adams

Welcome to QECT lab @ KAIST led by Prof. Heung-Sun Sim!

Broadly speaking, we are theoretical physicists who study exciting quantum phenomena in condensed matter systems, employing diverse analytical and numerical techniques. See Research for more details.

We are collaborating with various theory and experimental groups all over the world, including members of Center for Quantum Coherence in Condensed Matter, also led by Prof. H.-S. Sim.

Research Highlight

Observation of the Kondo Cloud

Picosecond Coherent Electron Motion

Negative Excess Shot Noise by Anyon Braiding

Detecting Kondo Entanglement

  • 2020/11/09: The work of June-Young Lee and Dr. Cheolhee Han is published in Physical Review Letters.

  • 2020/10/30: Kyungtae Kim joined our lab as a graduate student! Welcome!

  • 2020/09/03-04: The professor organized the 9th school of mesoscopic physics: essential tools for mesoscopic physics research.

  • 2020/07/30: Prof. H.-S. Sim was selected as the KAISTian of the Year of 2019.

  • 2020/06/09: The joint work with NTT and NPL "Ultrafast Quantum Motion in a Nanoscale Trap Detected" is highlighted as a KAIST Top 10 Research Achievements of 2019.

  • 2020/05/15: Minsoo Kim joined our lab as a graduate student! Welcome!

  • 2020/03/11: The work of Dr. Jeongmin Shim is published in Nature.

  • 2020/02/24: Dr. Jeongmin Shim joined QECT as a postdoc.

  • 2020/02/21: Jeongmin Shim and Byeongmok Lee successfully received their Ph.D. degree!

  • 2020/02/12: Jeongmin Shim received Jung H. Shin scholarship.

  • 2020/01/23: Jeongmin Shim received BK21+ postdoc fellowship.

  • 2019/12/10 -13: SRC workshop is jointly held with ICAMD 2019 (International Conference of Advanced Materials and Devices). Jeongmin Shim received best poster awards!

Open Positions

We are currently looking for highly motivated students who will explore exciting quantum worlds together. Don't hesitate to contact Prof. H.-S. Sim (hs_sim at kaist.ac.kr) if you have any inquiry.

학부 연구생 모집 안내:

물리학과 Quantum Electron Transport & Correlation Theory Group (심흥선 교수)에서 학부 연구생을 모집합니다.

1. 연구 내용: 양자 불순물(quantum impurity) 등의 전자 간 상호작용 관련 고체물리 연구

2. 인원: 0명

3. 자격 요건

      • 학부 양자역학을 들은 학생

4. 지원 & 문의

간략한 지원동기를 hs_sim at kaist.ac.kr로 보내주세요.

5. 참고

      • 개별/졸업연구 또는 월 30만원 지원 예정

      • 연구실 홈페이지 (http://qet.kaist.ac.kr)