Quantum Electron Correlation & Transport Theory Group

Ant-man in quantum realm <image:MARVEL>

Welcome to QECT lab @ KAIST led by Prof. Heung-Sun Sim!

Broadly speaking, we are theoretical physicists who study exciting quantum phenomena in condensed matter systems, employing diverse analytical and numerical techniques.  See Research for more details.

We are collaborating with various theory and experimental groups all over the world, including members of  Center for Quantum Coherence in Condensed Matter, also led by Prof. H.-S. Sim. 

Open Positions

We are currently looking for highly motivated students who will explore exciting quantum worlds together.  Don't hesitate to contact Prof. H.-S. Sim (hs_sim at kaist.ac.kr) if you have any inquiry.

양자세계를 함께 탐험할 동료들을 구하고 있습니다.  관심이 있으신 분들은 교수님(hs_sim at kaist.ac.kr), 혹은 랩장 (김민수, nijgnuy at kaist.ac.kr)에게 편하게 연락주세요 :)

Non-Abelian anyon collider

Time-domain braiding of anyons

Time-resolved Coulomb collision of electrons

Entanglement shells of multichannel Kondo clouds